Do women need to know about condoms?

Yes, they do. Condoms are an essential part of good and safe sex, and knowing about different types always helps.

Condoms are a mystery to most women, who only view them as implements to avoid unwanted pregnancies. But condoms are necessary for a healthy sex life, and women must know all about them.

Always insist on a condom

You may have heard the stories about condoms not being 100% effective. But that is not the condom’s fault – it may be worn improperly, or it may be torn during or before sex. You should make sure that the condom is sourced from a reputed company, and that your man wears it properly on an erect penis.

As a woman, you may not be totally invested in condoms, but it is always better to have an extra pack at hand in case the guy you are with has run out of them. Some men insist on having sex without a condom, trusting that the woman will take an emergency contraceptive, or already be using some form of contraception.

Whether you are on the pill or have an IUD inserted as a form of birth control, always insist on a condom during sex. Apart from preventing pregnancies, it also keeps both partners safe from sexually transmitted diseases and infections. This is important if you have multiple sexual partners.

Apart from knowing about the uses of condoms, you must also know about how to wear a condom. This helps when you use a sex toy that requires insertion into the vagina – always use a condom over it before you proceed. So, knowing how to wear a condom, whether it is a sexual partner or not, is important to get the most out of it.

Guys, take notes on how to wear a condom

It takes a bit of practice to wear a condom properly, but it is simple enough to do after the first few attempts. Always have one on hand – place a packet in your wallet for the easiest access, but check its expiration date before use.

  • Pick the condom as per the type you need. Yes, there are different types! Durex has a wide range of condoms, from ultra-thin to prolonged pleasure types. You can even experiment with flavoured condoms for better oral sex.
  • Remove the condom carefully from the pack. Each condom is individually wrapped in the box, which gives precise instructions on how to wear a condom.
  • Don’t use your teeth or fingernails to tear the condom pack. Use the tear tab provided at the top to remove the condom safely without tearing it.
  • Unroll the condom over your erect penis, pinching its tip to remove any excess air. The tip makes space for the ejaculate, and if air is present in the condom then it will burst or tear during sex.
  • After use, roll the condom off your penis and tie it up without spilling the ejaculate. Dispose off the condom in the trash and wash your hands and penis clean. Use a fresh condom if you are about to have sex again.