Pastor Chris Oyakilhome: Minister and Media Giant

Pastor Chris Oyakilhome is the founder and President of Christ Embassy, a Nigerian-based Christian ministry and its founder. This is also known as Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated. Pastor Oyakilhome is also known as Dr. Chris Oyakilhome and is a published author as well as having a strong media presence internationally online, on radio and on television.

A recent report of his congregation’s December 31, 2017 year-end service, which was internationally broadcast, described the evening as awesome and inspirational for those attending in person as well as those connected to the broadcast.

A musical selection began the evening performed by the congregants and its orchestra. All stood, hands raised throughout the auditorium as they sang, “So we lift up our hand to praise your name.” The name, of course, referring to the Lord God. This chorus was then followed by the entry of Pastor Chris Oyakilhome. He was warmly received by the congregation as evidenced by waving hands and positive facial expressions, and he returned similar gestures and bows. He led the attendees in a short praise service saying,

“Come on, give the Lord a shout! Glory! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!”

This continued for several minutes. Gradually, the audience settled and were seated.

Evening highlights included short presentations by a few ministry spokespersons who reviewed the previous 12 months. This was described overall as a year of flourishing. One spokesperson broke this down to mean: significant attainment, persistent productivity and luxuriant growth. These three elements were seen to occur on a monthly basis contrasted to a sporadic pattern.

Examples of ministry achievements included its publication, “Rhapsody of Realities.” This book is said to be available worldwide in nearly 900 languages and a recorded 1.3 billion copies have been distributed. So too, Loveworld USA and Loveword Impact networks were seen to continue to be used of God in the lives of their respective audience adherents. These either introduced people to faith in Jesus Christ or encouraged those who were having life struggles that had significant impact on their faith. Equally important are the Inner-City Mission serving children, the International School of Healing, and International School of Ministry. The theme of the evening was quite clear: 2017 was a year of accomplishment for everyone regardless of one’s ministry within Christ Embassy.

Special music during the festive evening included the Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated singing the Believer’s Loveworld Anthem. Also Martin PK performed the LIMA 2017 Song Of The Year, which was his solo titled, “Beautiful Jesus.” He received a warm reception for this from Pastor Chris and the audience.

Young African leaders were publicly recognized and given awards. This was for noted changes they have made in their respective communities. All of the honorees showed deep appreciation for this public acknowledgment to the Lord, Pastor Chris and the audience.

Many who attended or viewed the broadcast expressed their warm praise and thanks for this end of the year service. Pastor Chris expressed deep appreciation that the attendance was such that people were gathered in numbers to hear God’s word contrasted to attending a concert or a soccer match. Connection, enjoyment, festive and exciting are descriptives that sum the December 31, 2017 service.