Senior Facilities to Provide for your Loved Ones Security Needs

Have you given consideration on the safety of your loved ones beds? Senior residents have higher chances of falling out of beds and suffering injuries, some of them being fatal. It would be second to falling down the stairs. It would not be wrong to suggest that elderly people may suffer injuries from be falls. Falling out of the bed could result in broken bones or even deaths. It would be possible for people to get their heads caught between objects and unable to breathe. When people tend to get older, they would begin to lose strength. It would become relatively difficult for them to handle simplest of tasks independently. They may have trouble getting in and out of the bed. It would be one of the most common of ways that may hurt or injure an elderly person. Yet another way falls could occur would be by moving around in the bed or by reaching something that has been too far away.

Falls leading to injury

One out of three adults, with age sixty-five or more, has been known to fall every year. Among people of this age, falls have been the major cause of injuries and deaths. Falls would also be the leading cause of non-fatal injuries and admissions to hospitals. However, these deaths have increased in the past decade or so.

Installation of bed rails

A great mode to prevent the elderly people from being injured has been by installing bed rails. The bed rails would help you prevent people from falling out of the bed. It has been relatively difficult to lean over them. However, it has been deemed of great importance to correct the size of the owned bed. Injuries would occur from rails that may not fit correctly. It would be possible for body parts to become stuck. While trying to climb over the rails, most elderly people may have suffered injuries. It would be important to let your loved ones understand and know that getting in and out of the bed in the correct manner would only lesson their chances of falling or suffering injury.

Bed rails ensures safety

It would be imperative for Senior Facilities to ensure they only have bed rails, but to place rugs or mats beside the bed. This would help with stability and ensure that the elderly people get in and out of bed without the risk of being injured. You should use bed safety techniques to reduce the chance that your elderly loved ones sustaining life-threatening injuries.