The Best Travel Credit Cards for Filipinos

They say that traveling is one of the best teachers you could have in life. Many Millennials believe this and make it their goal to travel whenever they can. Filipinos are also on board with this, taking advantage of airline promos that could get them to their dream destinations.

Admittedly, there are some hurdles they need to jump to kickstart their journey, such as having the proper documentation and having enough funds. A few individuals even make it a point to gain a travel credit card—for instance, an HSBC Platinum Visa —so they could easily pay back whatever they spend while traipsing along foreign shores.

This article aims to help Filipino travelers (young and seasoned ones) find the best travel credit card for them.

HSBC Platinum Visa

HSBC Platinum Visa card owners enjoy free annual fees for life! This certainly eases the burden of having to pay an extra fee yearly; the money you get to save for this can be put to your travel funds instead!

Aside from this, they get to earn 1 air mile for every time they spend P25 on the card. They also receive a free travel accident insurance of up to P10 million.

Pretty neat right?

Citi PremierMiles Card

With Citi PremierMiles Card, you get to earn points and exchange them for air miles from over 60 different airlines, meaning you get to choose which airline you want to travel on!

Card owners also gain a free access to airport lounges. If they’re not traveling, they may also avail other exclusive deals and privileges that are only available to them! For instance, if you apply and get approved on or before Sept. 30, 2018, you will receive a P5,000 worth of eGift from Nike Park!

RCBC Bankard Black Card Platinum Peso

This RCBC Bankard Black Card Platinum Peso is available in Dollar and Peso variant, which makes it easier for card owners to use it on foreign soil.

This card also offers flexible and non-expiring cash rebates, AIRMILES, and reward points, attracting many future cardholders whether they love to travel or not. Apart from this, it also provides a free travel insurance of up to P1 million.

With this card, you will be treated like VIP as you gain free access to Skyview and MIASCOR Lounges!

BPI SkyMiles Mastercard

In partnership with Delta Air Lines, BPI SkyMiles Mastercard can take you to 900 cities in 160 countries. Just turn your accumulated points into air miles. You get to gain 1 point every P45 spent on your credit card. It also offers a free travel insurance with coverage of up to P10 million.

BDO Platinum Mastercard

This BDO Platinum Mastercard has a Travel Now Pay Later feature that surely attracts many Filipino travelers. It also offers special rates on travel packages. With this card, you will receive free access to 900 VIP lounges in 75 countries. By paying your travel fair through this card, you will have a free travel accident insurance of up to P20 million.


You can certainly gain knowledge though traveling. Just be sure to have the proper documentation and have substantial funds as you plan your journey. By doing so and by getting the best travel credit card for you, you will be able to lessen any mishaps you might experience along the way!