Why Branded T-shirts are Better than Non-Branded T-shirts

The summers are just knocking at the door, and it is the time when you jazz up your wardrobe with the latest collection of stylish and comfortable T-shirts. They are just the perfect choice to give a much-needed face-lift to your wardrobe. The T-shirts are very comfortable in the warm, humid Indian weather and make you look chic and stylish. The outfit you wear speaks volume about your personality because it is the first thing that people get to notice about you. The branded t shirts are considered to be the latest trend for both men and women. They can be paired comfortably with basic denim, or chinos. You can never go wrong with a branded T-shirt.

 This summer you can try out the Bewakoof stylish graphic T-Shirts which are the latest craze among the youths. The branded T-Shirts are always considered more fashionable; they charm up your look and also are quality wise better than the non-branded ones. Here are the different ways in which the branded T-Shirts are considered more fashionable than the non-branded ones.

  • Branded T-Shirts have Better Quality Fabric

The branded T-Shirts are always better in quality than the non-branded ones when the fabric is concerned. The fabric used by the craftsman in the reputed companies is denser and they last for a long duration of time. The easiest way by which you can have an idea of the quality of fabric used in the apparel is simply by touching it. A good quality branded T-shirt never feels like plasticky or boxy. The non-branded T-Shirts are made of low-quality fibres, which are not very strong. The branded T-shirts have a soft yet firm feel. Branded t shirt manufacturers give a lot of importance to the quality of fabric used in the apparels. They source their raw material from handpicked manufacturing unit so that they never have to compromise on the quality of the products.

  • Branded T-Shirts have Better Quality Stitches

The stitches of a garment are rightly called its muscles. It is the quality of stitches which can make a world of difference in the look of an outfit. The branded T-shirts Company hire the top-rated craftsman to manufacture their product. The machinery used in the top-notch manufacturing units are also of high quality. You can easily feel the difference in the quality of the stitches in the branded T-shirt by turning it around. The non-branded T-shirts manufacturer only gives priority to the outside of the T-shirt. They use low-quality threads to stitch the products. This is the main reason why the non-branded T-shirts barely last for a season. Branded t shirt manufacturers never compromise on the quality of threads and the workmanship of the tailors. They always hire the experienced tailors who are a master in the trade. You can simply find the difference by feeling the interior of the T-shirts.

  • Branded T-Shirts uses Advanced Quality Printers

The branded T-shirt companies do not compromise on the quality of printing. They always use the latest digital printing machines to print the graphics on the T-shirt. The digital printers are more advanced than the conventional screen printers. Here the artwork is processed by a computer and then they are printed directly on the surface of the T-Shirts. In Digital printing procedure the ink directly adheres to the fabric of the T-shirt. Here a photographic print can be obtained with a level of detail. You can browse through websites like bewakoof.com, amazon.com, flipkart.com to see the difference. They have a wide range of quality T-shirts with graphics printing which has become a sensation now.

So, finally, it can be said that the branded T-shirts are much better in quality than the non-branded ones in every respect.