5 Hacks to Help You Improve Your SAT Scores

Standardized examinations are specifically known for the twists and tricks that superficially make the question seem tougher. Over the years, SAT has stood witness to nothing different. Although SAT 2018 has undergone modifications in both syllabus and form, yet the rules and pattern still remain the same. A total of 1.71 million students had appeared in SAT 2017 and the count is supposed to increase this year. Hence, exceling in such a competition unquestionably requires thorough hard work, umpteenth dedication, and implementation of certain tricks that would surely boost up the performance. Let us go through a few hacks which should mandatorily be taken care of, to grab that perfect score in SAT.


  • ‌Manage Time And Attempt Everything 

The biggest catch in such standardized tests lies in time. Be assured to encounter certain sums that would consume more time and would be tougher than the most. Always learn to manage time while doing the practice papers. This will effortlessly build up the required skill for the day of examination. Since SAT does not deduct any mark for guesswork, attempting every question is a MUST. Spare some time for the harder questions and mark a probable answer. This also increases the chances of scoring higher.

  • ‌Get Prepared Mentally

Getting thoroughly prepared with factual knowledge can never help completely until the student gets mentally prepared. Anxiety being one of the biggest factors always pulls the progress towards the negative side. Hence, students are advised to schedule 20 minutes of regular meditation, which would help them tackle the exam stress on the big day. Besides, every student should get thoroughly accustomed to the format of SAT. Knowing the format additionally prepares the student mentally for what should be expected on the day of examination.

  • Reading

Always have a strategically planned way of approach to the reading section and make the move accordingly. If brushing through the questions first before reading the passage seems more comfortable, then abide by it. If not, then try the opposite. However, always adapt to a single technique. The reading section also demands thorough involvement in the content, i.e., imagining the scenario and living in it so intensely that it can be well explained to others. Besides, special care should be taken in the evidence questions since they effortlessly help you to locate the mistakes made in the previously attempted questions, if any.

  • Writing

Scoring in the writing section needs the umpteenth practice of answering to the point and not beating around the bush like history. The section also checks the confidence of the students, by deliberately giving duplicate answers. Such questions are too similar to let anyone be chosen as the correct one. Recheck every possibility and if the scenario still does not change, omit both the answers and shuffle between the other available options. A similar kind of dilemma is faced in case of ‘NO CHANGE” answers, which should be treated in the same way like other answers.

  • Math

Luckily SAT provides written formulas, at the very beginning, for this section. However, learning the important formulas beforehand will never do any harm, since it is both helpful (as EVERY required formula might not be there) and time-saving. Referring to the diagrams in the questions, wherever it is given, is another important advice that should be followed. Besides, every student should always underline or encircle the quantity mentioned in the question, whose value needs to be found. This prevents the students from getting distracted and helps to directly focus on the answer in demand.


Learning the hacks is advisable only after acquiring thorough knowledge at the fundamental level. Remember, there is no shortcut to success.