5 Reasons Why Australia Is The Best Country For Road trips

It has long been known by avid road trippers that Australia is the number one place for  travelling. This country offers an incredibly diverse range of terrains, activities, sites, and wildlife. It has long been a tradition for Australian natives to take to the road in a  motorhome hire to experience the wonders of their country. If you love road travel and have never experienced Australia, then you are definitely missing out on a truly legendary destination. Anybody still on the fence about putting Australia on their list should take note of these reasons why this land is an absolute must if you enjoy road adventure.

Diverse Terrain

Australia really does have it all when it comes to different types of amazing terrain. There are lush rainforests, miles of undeveloped coastline, mountainous regions, desert plains, pine forest, and much, much more. No matter the type of land you enjoy traveling, you will certainly be able to find it here. Many travellers enjoy planning a route that will take them across several different types of terrain, from the coast the outback or from the rainforest to the mountains. You can easily take in three or four different types of terrains on one journey, which makes Australia the best in terms of variety.

Unique Wildlife

There are many different types of wildlife present in Australia that only exist here. Travellers can check out kangaroos and wallabies that are native to this land, not to mention the country’s most famous resident, the saltwater crocodile. There is an incredible range of birdlife here as well, with dozens of rare species on offer. Depending on where you may be, you can witness literally hundreds of rare species on one trip, both up close and in person and on guided tours. Australia’s wildlife has long been legendary, and witnessing it for yourself is an absolute must.

Local Culture

One of the great things about taking a motorhome hire across Australia is the people you meet along the way. Since there is such a long history of backpacking and road travel here, there are entire industries exist catering specifically to travellers. The locals in many regions are known to be laid back and welcoming to travellers, and there are many great cities and towns to explore along the way. Large cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are known to be safe and full of great activities. Then there are plenty of smaller towns from the surfer hamlets along the coasts to the country towns in the outback that are welcoming to all and a pleasure to visit.

Welcoming Environment

Unlike in other countries, travelling is a standing tradition in Australia for visitors and natives alike. Due to this, you will find yourself welcomed everywhere from the depths of the outback to the gleaming metropolises. There are many hotels and hostels that cater to travellers, offering cheap rates and comfortable lodgings. It’s also well known that Australia has lots of free camping opportunities, so budget travellers can find places to lay their head that won’t end up eating their budget. There are also dozens of motorhome camps and a network of road trippers you will into along the way. This adds to the colorful and welcoming environment road trippers can expect here.


No matter which type of outdoor adventure you may be into, chances are you can easily find it in Australia. The diverse terrain and variety of different territories makes for an even wider variety of outdoor adventure possibilities. There are mountainous regions where you can indulge in climbing and skiing. There are desert regions where off roading is on the menu. You have dozens of rivers for rafting and canoeing. Some of the best hiking to be found anywhere in the world exists in Australia, including so many types of trails it can boggle the mind. The ample coastline makes for watersports heaven, featuring world class surfing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and much more. Then there are activities for adrenaline junkies such as skydiving, zip lining, mountain biking and much more. Anyone taking a trip through Australia should carefully plan their activities, since there are so many to choose from is can be overwhelming.

There is no better place for motorhome hire travel than the wondrous continent of Australia. From the incredible range of scenery to the multiple terrains, from the amazing wildlife to the hundreds of outdoor activities, from the friendly locals to the overall welcoming environment, it is easy to see why everyone loves Australian travel. If you’re looking for the ultimate road trip, then it is highly advised that you look into Australia. Just like the thousands who have taken these roads before you, you are sure to have the adventure of your lifetime.