FACE OFF: Rocky Fielding VS Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez

December 15 is a great date to keep for all sports enthusiasts (especially the lovers of boxing) from all around the world. If you are not yet aware, it is only the day when Rocky Fielding and Saul Alvarez step into the ring to decide who goes home with the WBA Super middleweight belt at the end of the night.

In this piece, we are going to be taking a pre-emptive measure against anything that could prevent you from seeing the games. We have good news too. At the end of the piece, you get the most recommended option that allows you bypass all those viewing problems.

Possible Viewing Problems

The fight is to happen at Madison Square Gardens in the US and is expected to be broadcasted within the States.

Depending on the stations that were able to get the broadcast rights, you might not be able to view this fight in your country. Even if you tried to stream it online, geoblocks would have been placed on the content leaving the US, so that would be a futile attempt too.

In the same vein, it is not uncommon that blackouts occur on that day to force more people into going to watch at the Madison Square Gardens. This will be poor on those who just want to grab a cold beer and watch with friends at home.

We don’t need to tell you that this fight will most likely air on cable. Then again, there is the issue of not having cable subscription.

What to do when any of these happen?

Grab a VPN

Seriously. It is as simple as that.

No matter what viewing problem you’re facing, a VPN is best positioned to solve it for you. On the one hand, these kinds of software help you change your IP address to differ from your physical location. You could thus watch the Alvarez vs Fielding match with a boxing VPN from the UK (or any other place in the world) like you were currently based in the US.

This same location-changing feature of the VPN will allow you bypass blackouts. These blackouts are usually specific to a region so you will be better off streaming the game while connecting to another server location.

How to stream the Rocky vs Canelo game with a VPN

You don’t have to be a nerd to figure this out. You just have to:

  • Buy a VPN subscription from a vendor of your choice
  • Connect to a server location in the US where the game is being broadcasted
  • Open the supported streaming platform/ app for the game
  • Enjoy the games from anywhere in the world.

Important considerations when choosing a VPN

To get the best streaming experience, you shouldn’t just pick any kind of VPN. Make sure you check for:

  • Speed: You surely don’t want to watch the fight in slow motion. Lags and buffering are not welcome either. If your connection is fast – as is should be – the VPN shouldn’t be the one to ruin the experience for you. Thus, look out for those VPNs that have been optimized for speed.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: The bandwidth affects the volume of data that you can transfer over the network. Make sure it is not limited so that you don’t end up with slower data transfer speeds
  • Multiple server locations: Ensure the VPN does not just have servers in the US, but a good number of them too. Likewise, the VPN should have servers in other countries as well. You will still be needing it after the fight.

Wrap Up

With all of this information at your beck and call, we don’t see how you’re missing that fight. Before the D-day comes calling, who would be your pick of the bunch to win this game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.