Fat Grafting: A new method to improve your Shape

Getting rid of unwanted fat is always the prime focus and everybody thinks about it. Who in this world wants a bad shape? No one, but there are certain efforts that are required for making it possible because a good body requires perfect nutrition and workout. On the other hand there are certain procedures and surgeries that help in making the shape even better. Fat Grafting is one of the best ways for females because it is safer and effective method that helps in perfect breast augmentation. Apart from that, breast lifting and enlargement are also possible with the help of this method.

Who is liable to take it?

Breast Augmentation is a hot topic and every woman loves to keep her breasts in proper shape. However, it is not possible in all the cases but in fat grafting this is possible. Still there are certain things to know because it is considered best for the women who have passed lumpectomy and for the ones who are facing asymmetrical breast problem. Women who do not like to invest in breast surgery can also go with this option easily. Women with excess fat are more eligible because their own fat is used in this process. Therefore, it is hard for a lean women to take this treatment.

How it is performed?

As stated, the fat inside body is utilized for uplifting and enlarging the breasts but this fat is accumulated with the help of liposuction. The places like thighs, buttocks and abdomen are the places from where the fat is extracted. There are chances that a surgeon may extract the fat with the help of a needle from an area and just numb the skin with the help of anesthesia. This is the procedure that is performed during Fat Grafting and it may take two to four hours.

The patient can leave immediately after the process but rest is required at least for a weak. After this, regular schedule can be carried easily.

Follow the Terms Effectively:

The surgeon first examines the body conditions and it is mandatory in the case of grafting. If the patient passes the examination then a specific bra is provided to the person so that the breasts can expand. The woman must wear this bra for at least a month because this allows the fat cells to expand and the blood flow improves naturally. Even after grafting the woman has to wear the bra device for some time.