Get to know about the journey of a lady, a philanthropist and a businesswoman

Arison was born in 1957 in the city of New York. Her father Ted Arison was an Israeli businessman and her mother is Mina Arison Sapir, Mickey is her older brother. Her parents got divorced in 1966 then she started living with her mother who was in Israel. But when she was of twelve she decided to return back to her father in the US. She then again migrated to Israel where she is listed Israel Defense. She did her graduation in economics and commerce. She is the richest women of Israel she also inherited her fortune in business field form her father and now doing good to the society by running the business to the great success. Some of her investments are in the various projects of real estate which includes thermo- solar plant and desalination plant. Bank Hapoalim largest Israel bank is she has got ownership of 16% there. In the year 1981 Ted Arison Family Foundation was formed by her. She is one of the great role models who influence businesswomen.


Carnival Corporation is one of the largest cruise companies of the world which is owned by Shari Arison. She also leads the philanthropic group, global business and Arison Group. The business run by her adds value to the environment and society with a financial return like one of the investment is Arison Investments. The philanthropic groups address the needs of Israel community through the strategic philanthropy and social investments.

Business vision

Arison believes that we can make changes with business on a global level and even in geographical and political borders. Her main aim is to develop the economy by making it more prosperous and more stable. The action taken for the business purpose is going to improve life quality. She says that she feels obligated and responsible for keeping the business power which serves the society.