How to Prepare a Steak and Cocktail Dinner Without the Hangover

One of my favorite meals ever is a nice and juicy steak accompanied by cocktails (yes, plural). I love this combination so much that I often prepare different versions of this exact meal four times a week. The only problem is, it’s not exactly healthy for you.

As if eating steak daily wasn’t bad enough, getting drunk every night usually leaves me hungover. That’s why my 2019 resolution is to cut down on drinking so much alcohol. One way of doing this is to replace alcoholic cocktails with mocktails instead. In the following paragraphs, I’m going to help you prepare an alcohol-free cocktail with vanilla syrup, spices, grenadines, and other flavors, to accompany our delicious steak dinner so you and the whole family can enjoy it.

First, you need to prepare a juicy beef steak

Use fragments of 2.5 to 4 cm of filets of meat, cut the grain off, and fry it in a pan or grill. In fact, a simple definition of the process of cooking requires skills and math. The choice is especially important because the product is suitable for juicy torso parts.

Choose the dark red part of the steak prior to cooking, but do slice the tendons. Keep an even layer of grease from the surface. You can test the softness by pressing it with your finger: The soft meat will return quickly to its original form when pressed firmly.

Marinade it with olive oil, squeezed lemon juice, and seasonings or rubs, but classic steak requires only salt, pepper, and potatoes. If it has been frozen previously, obviously thawing will be needed. Cook in a preheated iron frying pan by roasting for a minute at high temperature on each side. To be sure not to accidentally remove juices, let it sit for a few minutes.

The Five Stages of Cooking Steak

The speed of cooking varies depending on the taste, length or tasting time. The classification of a good steak gives meat a thickness of 2.5 cm in five stages of cooking.

  • Very rare pieces should be made to cook no more than 15 seconds per side.
  • Rare pieces with blood remaining needs 1 minute of cooking and 8 minutes of rest.
  • Medium rare should not cook longer than 2 minutes and should not rest longer than 5 minutes
  • Medium – preparation for 3 minutes, let sit for 4 minutes.
  • Well done – five minutes of meat cooking, then let it sit for 1 minute.

Now for The Refreshments

Few doctors recommend eating steak five times a week. As good as they may complement each other, no doctor recommends that these steaks be washed down every night with three, four or six strong cocktail drinks. A mocktail is a great alternative for someone to admire the flavor without any of the risks.

These non-alcoholic or alternative cocktails are based on the safe, innovative, and creative use of natural products based on the knowledge and taste of the bartender. Therefore, various types of drinks were produced in combination with fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, milk products, vanilla syrup, mineral water, and other products.

They always represent a responsible alternative in an excellent festive environment for people who aren’t accustomed to liquors. They are usually for pregnant women, children, recovering alcoholics, and others who are intolerant to alcohol, etc. You can also safely drink a mocktail. In this post, we will see a series of Sandwich Cola recipes that will bring us back to childhood.

You can mix all type of ingredients into a mocktail:

Fresh fruit and juices, ice cream, soft drinks, herbs, and spices are all available, but the point of one is to imitate the taste of an actual alcoholic mix. A wide range of non-alcoholic cocktail recipes are also available, as we saw with alcohol: frozen, hot, gaseous, creamy, aromatic, etc. The contents of a bottle was mixed, stirred or straightened directly.

It should be remembered that a good cocktail should be a high-quality drink that creates pleasant sensations in the person who drinks it, while they enjoy its colorful presentation as well

The growing use of natural and alternative products demonstrates the new trend towards efficient global health.

A few of my favorite mocktail recipes are available below, but you can also make alcohol cocktails with them if you prefer:

  • Colada – nothing in it contains alcohol, but everything is the same ingredients as traditional PiƱa Colada: pineapple juice, pineapple cream, and ice cream.
  • Cajun Clamato – a spirit of Bloody Mary made from concentrated tomato juice and pins, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt, pepper, radish, celery.

You can make great cocktails when you let your imagination go wild. I have to admit, a Shirley Temple sounds perfect to go with our steak right about now. It’s one of the most popular cocktails to make without alcohol. Just follow these instructions:

Ingredients for a Shirley Temple

  • 35g Grenadine
  • 14 g Pressed lemon juice
  • 14 g Pressed lime juice
  • 85 g soda
  • 2 maraschino cherries

(Fruit juice, ice cream, lemon juice, and sugar can be used for turning any cocktail into a Daiquiri.)

Now mix with a spoon, then fill with soda and ice cubes. Just mix with the cherries of maraschino and you’re all done. Now you can enjoy your steak and cocktail and watch your alcohol-loving buddies get hammered, with none of the drawbacks.