TV shows, sports matches, movies…all on your laptop

Your laptop becomes your private movie and TV screen – just connect to the best broadband plan and watch whatever you want, whenever you want.

It’s the defining moment of the match. The team needs six runs off the last ball, and the entire stadium tenses. Like everyone else, you clench your hands together and move to the edge of your seat, your eyes on the bowler. As the bowler unleashes a corking delivery, the batsman takes aim and lobs the ball for a lofty six right outside the grounds. The stadium erupts and you join in the victory celebrations – except, the crowd is at the actual stadium whereas you were watching the match on your laptop at home.

Why would anyone go and sit in the heat of the stadium when they can watch the best of sports in their air-conditioned home?

Your laptop or desktop computer – your best entertainment console

All you need is a broadband connection and the best broadband plan to connect your laptop to the best in general entertainment, sports, movies and music. A big enough laptop screen with a good resolution serves as your portable TV or movie screen – just pick your favourite spot in your house, connect to the Internet using the broadband connection and start watching your favourite content.

You can even take an annual membership to video streaming services like Netflix and Hotstar, setting them to your laptop for viewing movies and TV shows at your leisure. When you take the best broadband plans from a service provider like Airtel, you also get a one-year free subscription to Amazon Prime – that is access to even more amazing content on your laptop.

The portability of the laptop allows you to watch the content of your choice from any location that has a working and best broadband plan, with fast speeds and no network outages. These are important attributes especially when you want to stream live sports or award shows taking place in another country.

These are the attributes to look for when selecting the best broadband plan:

Low monthly cost: At first glance, if the plan price seems too high, do take the time to examine what you get in return. A plan that offers unlimited calling and texting, over 150 GB monthly data and over 100 Mbps speeds is not just a good plan, it’s the best broadband plan at whatever it costs.

High speed: Always check the Internet connection speed, whatever the provider may claim – the Ookla speed test is considered a good test for online speeds. Any connection with speeds 50 Mbps and higher is good enough, but Airtel’s best broadband plans offer speeds between 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps. The faster the speed, the more productive the use of the connection will be.

No downtime and high uptime: If you want to enjoy streaming movies and TV shows, or even live matches or programmes, then you need constant high uptime. Airtel’s broadband plans are powered by V-fiber technology, which shows 99% uptime and always-on connectivity. So you never miss a programme and enjoy every content as if it’s taking place in front of your eyes.