Visit Frederikssund Denmark – Six Things to Do and see in Frederikssund

Frederikssund, on the west coast of Sjaelland, is under an hour’s train ride from Copenhagen along with a place filled with natural splendor and historic castles and regal fjords. Take a step back in some time and see some real Danish Vikings – Visit Frederikssund Denmark, Read our guide about “trip to Denmarkto get best possible help for your Denmark trip.

The Frederikssund area includes Skibby, Slangerup and Jaegerpris – which could be arrived at easily by car, bicycle or public transit. The climate from the Frederikssund area is peaceful and relaxing compared to those of Copenhagen and also the customer will find many leisurely things to do and see.

  1. The Fjord Path: If you like nature, than strolling across the coast to see the fjords is really a unique attraction not found in a number of other places in the world. The Fjord Path is almost 275 km lengthy, so for most of us they’ll only walk or cycle area of the path. Based on which section you are taking, you can observe a number of landscapes including one part where you will notice the “King’s Oak” – the earliest Oak tree in Europe. It’s over 1500 years of age!
  1. The castles – There’s two primary castles in the region, Jaegerpris Castle and Selsoe Castle. You will find led tours from the 1854 Jaegerpris Castle and Selsoe Castle, in which the “White-colored Lady” haunts the castle.
  1. The Faergegaarden Museum is situated over the Kronprins Frederiks Bridge and houses an exhibit using the customer back with the good reputation for the region – from Bronze Age to modern developments.
  1. The Vikings – If you are planning your visit throughout the summer several weeks, you can observe the live performances of “The Vikings”, telling tales and re-enacting the lives of real Vikings. There’s also exhibits with real dwellings and workshops.
  1. The J. F. Willumsen’s Museum is devoted to the whole shebang of Danish artist Jens Ferdinand Willumsen. The exhibit includes works of art, sculptures, graphics, photography, ceramics, architecture plus much more with this prolific artist.
  1. Finally, you need to take a moment out to enjoy a few of the great outside activities available to any customer. Sailing, kayaking, boating, a trip with an old steamship, fishing, angling, golfing, cycling and hiking. You are able to rent equipment and hire out all you need – just take along your enthusiasm and also have a great day trip in the gorgeous natural splendor of Frederikssund.