What Are the Ways to Create Shipping Fulfillment Strategy for Your Business?

Order fulfillment or customer fulfillment refers to business methods that are used to provide services and products to consumers. If you find that your business is progressing for the first time, or if several years of constant growth is beginning to test the ability of the company to fill orders, then it is the right time to create your fulfillment strategy.

Selecting a fulfillment strategy

With the growth of your company, order fulfillment becomes intense. You will need to decide on how much of fulfillment requirements your executive team can handle efficiently in-house.

In-House handling with CRM Technology

Customer Relationship Management tool is a tracker-based system that organizes customer data. These systems are beneficial in marketing and sales to streamline as well as to personalize communications. This shipping and fulfillment resource eases the fulfillment procedure by:

  • Processing orders
  • Storing tracking and shipping information
  • Creating and dealing with transaction documents
  • Tracking inventory
  • Running reports

CRM software is a beneficial method meant for small and medium size businesses, who wish to keep a close watch on a product line or a scaling business. Most of the systems integrate efficiently with existing software and offer benefits to marketing and sales teams as well.

Evaluate your need

Before searching for CRM vendors, you must analyze buying history of customers and most of the in-demand products to figure out the essential CRM storing capacity.

Shop around

You must shop around to form a list of alluring CRMs, meet with CRM vendors, and ask them a specific set of questions pertaining to product implementation time, transaction volume capacities, prime CRM functions, and whether technical assistance is available or not.

Get information from stakeholders

Once you bring all the internal stakeholders at one place to make a final decision on sales, IT, and customer service, you will need to ask everyone who is going to use the system for their opinions. The best CRM tools can do a lot for fulfillment. Product still needs to get packaged, sorted, etc., and as your firm advances, even the best of the CRM solution would need assistance.

3PL Company Outsourcing

3PL solution providers come up with solutions in packaging, warehousing, assembly, and distribution in just a single system. This enables to leave all order fulfillment to other supply chain experts. 3PL offers a wide range of fulfillment services includes setup, shipping, and customer service.

Many of these systems even integrate currently used e-commerce systems, manage inventory, process claims and returns, optimize transit time, and provide the data that you require on your distinctive KPIs. With this system in place, you need not invest in a warehouse space or any expanded technology and hire more internal employees.


This ever-evolving world of technology provides a lot of options when it comes to finding and implementing the best strategy for your business.